lenovo service center in ameerpet


We are the most popular laptop service center in Hyderabad city. We are available in ameerpet location. We provide the best service support to our valuable customers. Our experienced service engineers have a well knowledge to clear any kind of laptop problems.

We are Providing service for No Wifi, Virus Removal, Not Powering up, Cracked Screen, Broken Hinge, Graphic Issue, Liquid Spillage, Battery Replacement, Faulty Trackpad, Not Logging On, Not Enough Space, Not Starting, Running Slow, Not Charging, Hard Drive Replacement, Damaged Casing, Data Retrieval, Lines on Screen, Switching Off, Faulty Keyboard, Memory Upgrade, Overheating, Not Booting, Cleaning.

lenovo laptop service center in ameerpet, hyderabad

Chip Level Service

Motherboard service too complicated. But we will fix any kind of motherboard problems. We are proud to deal the chip level service for laptop mother boards and components. Chip Removing, chip reballing and other BGA machine based service also done here..

Display Replacement

Your laptop screen broken? Don’t worry, we are here…! Our experienced service engineers to replace your laptop screen with in an hour and your budget price. We offered only original laptop display screen only with low cast

Data Recovery Service

data recovery is a art of the hardware industry. we have to take complete data backup for fully damaged hard disk. our most trained engineers have a good experience to recover data for any condition. External hard disk backup also done here.

What We are Doing - Laptop Service Center

Laptop Service

laptop service center is a officially non- warranty service center. we providing high quality service for consumer and commercial laptops. we take care of thinkpad laptop,thinkcenter laptop, yoga series, ideapad and gaming laptops. We provide 100% customer service support for all lenovo products.

Desktop Service

our service center is provide doorstep service for your desktops. our experienced filed service engineers can solved desktop motherboard problems, data recovery, operating system installation, heat problems, ram problems, dusty problems and others. If you require quick and delivery in same day lenovo service in and around chennai, call us, we will be happy to provide you.

Laptop Batteries

Lenovo IdeaPad G400s G400s Touch G405s G405s Touch,G410s G410s Touch,G500s G500s Touch,G505s G505s Touch,G510s G510s Touch,S410p S410p Touch,S510p S510p Touch,Z710, IdeaPad G405s IdeaPad G405s, Touch IdeaPad G410s IdeaPad G410s Touch. Lenovo Batteries at a low price and no hassle. We have a one year warranty for all accessories.

Laptop Adapters

G430 G430-20003 G450 G450-20022 G460 G460-20041 G560 S205 U110 U110-23043Bu U110-23043Au, 65W Ac Adapter Pa-1650-56Lc 36001651 57Y6400, G460/G560/V360/Z460/Z560 6 cell Battery, IdeaPad Z570 10243SU. You can call us any time (24*7=360)

Laptop Display Broken

broken screen replacement is a complex work. because its affect your laptop graphics and motherboard. our experienced service engineer have been good service knowledge to replace your laptop screen with in a hour.

Software problems

software problem is a most rare problem in laptops and desktops. our laptop service center can repair or resolving your software problems, otherwise we will done new software install in your laptop or desktop. We provide Lenovo laptop repair services at your doorstep in your observance.

Base repair / replacement

is broken your laptop bottom cover broken? don't worry our service engineer will fix your base / bottom cover very quickly. but costing will very least. We provide our service in Hyderabad regions like Ameerpet, Kondapur, Kukatpally and uppal.

Touchpad repair / replacement

Touchpad problem is most common for three to four years old laptops. we will do replace your original touch pad very less cost. our service engineer maximum try to repair your touchpad, whether we change new touch pad for your laptop. We offering complete guidelines of keeping your laptop safe and secure.

Performance tuning

laptop performance is getting reducing day by day. because of over data loading, virus problem or other software related problems to reduce the system performance. our service engineer can imporve your system performance. Our software installation services are available for laptops of all make and models.

Data Recovery

is your hard disk corrupted? your data isn't possible to recovery in that hard disk. but our experienced service engineer to recover your all data. because they have a good experience in this relavent industory, that why this is possiable.

General service

general service is most important to every laptops. we are clean your laptop each and every spares, apply cpu fan past in cpu heat sink, clean all dust entire laptop. laptop heating, laptop shutdown automatically, restarting, Slow Down problem will cleared

Panel repair / replacement

is broken laptop panel? our service center service engineer will fix your broken panel with in one or two hour. we selling new laptop panels also. We are always ready to serve your purpose as we have several service centers in major areas of Hyderabad such as Ameerpet, Kondapur, Kukatpally and uppal.

No Wifi (Wifi Connecting Problems)

wifi is based on network based problem. our service engineer find out the problem whether internal or external. if problem happen in your laptop they will fix with in hour and they fixed this problem not repeated. wifi card problem very rare condition only

Virus Removal(for Any Condition)

virus is a common problem in all computer. we have a very antivirus power tool to clear your computer all kind of virus and malware hacking. we will clear most danger computer virus in this relavent category. We use genuine and original software for virus removal.

Not Powering up

switched on problem is a very basic problem but its impact entire laptop hardware. because it affect your laptop motherboard, display or very sensitive laptop chips. our very experienced service engineer to find the problametic circute and rectify the issue your valuable time and money.

Cracked Screen Repair

Once get cracked, it becomes hectic to take over the screen with original ones at a reasonable price. Our professional team specialize in upgrading & Repair of Laptops, desktops, Tablets, and mobile. We Repair or Fix within 48 hours from pick up and door step service also available.

Data Retrieval

Have you missed data on your computer? Whether your hard drive has failed, your flash drive has stopped working. We will analyze the problem, and then solve all options that are available to you to ensure the highest chance of having your precious data recovered. Once your data is recovered, we will contact you for the collection or deliver back to your doorstep.

Running Slow

Nowadays, we are using more applications on computer, it's very easy for it to get weighed down with general clutter over time. We providing extra hardware to upgrade your computer for extra speed, to removing unnecessary files that may be grinding your processing power to a halt.

Faulty Keyboard Repair

Are you are facing issues in your Keyboard? Without keyboard we unable to work on Laptop properly. We can repair and replace your keyboard to find fresh new experience of your laptop.

Broken Hinge

A laptop can get damaged easily if it is not taken care of properly. If you have a laptop that’s hinges is broken or not working fine then we can repair it for you. Our team will inform you of the actual condition of your laptop and then start the work.

Liquid Spillage

Unfortunately, Spilling liquid into your laptop, it causes damage to your laptop. We can repair all water damaged problems with the best solutions and affordable price. For water damaged issues, the warranty not covered.

Laptop Overheating

Overuse of the laptops leads to overheating and decrease in its battery capacity further leading to power problems. Overheating may be a sign of age, clogged ventilation or impending failure with the cooling hardware. Laptops that shut down without threatening are often facing overheating. Let our professional technicians help you in fixing the problem, we will be able to give solution for your laptop.

Memory Upgrade

We do various types of laptop upgrades memory (RAM). We provide all models of latest RAM. We will give you the best choices based on your laptop model.Our RAM Models are DDR4, SDRAM, Laptop SO-DIMM, DDR3, DDR2, DDR. Great Prices On Quality Memory With Delivery. Excellent Customer Service. All Memory RAM modules are available with Warranty, as well as our expert customer support.

Blue screen of Death is constant

Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its hardware driver software. Sometimes, they can be caused by issues with low-level software running in the Windows kernel. Visit our service center, we will clear the blue screen issues easily.

Lines on Screen

If your laptop display shows One or more horizontal and vertical wide lines are on the laptop screen? We can provide the part and fix it for you. The original screen is also available with the best price.

Not Charging

If you're having charging problems on your laptop? Most of the charging problems come under RC jack issues. Visit our Lenovo service center. We will resolve the issues.

Hard Drive Replacement

Are you facing any hard drive issues? Bring your laptop to our service center. Our service engineer will make sure to solve your laptop issues. We will replace your replace your hard disk within a short time period.

Not Enough Space

We do various types of laptop upgrades for space issues. We upgrade of hard disk and Ram (Depend of model) we will be advising you. We can fix this issue by getting rid of unnecessary files from your hard drive. You can upgrade your laptop’s RAM to a higher capacity to deal with slow performance.

Damaged Casing

Dropped your precious laptop/notebook computer? You can see cracks in your laptop case after the fall. We can replace damaged casing, and diagnose if there’s further damage to its internals and externals. We will get back to you soon

Switching Off

The most common problems of switching off your laptop suddenly are overheating, Battery problem, Hardware failure, Computer virus, Ram issue, Faulty power supply. If you have this problem with your laptop, it is recommended to take your laptop at our service center to get it repaired.

Not Starting

If your laptop won't power on, due to a power supply problem, adapter issues, motherboard or else Try another adapter or power cable. Again, if its not working, just visit our service center. We will solve this issue.

Laptop Not Booting

When the CMOS battery is weak, the BIOS loses knowledge and also the pc will begin to malfunction.Let our experts diagnose your computer is booting problem.

Laptop Dust Cleaning

Laptop store is one of the leading laptop repair service center in Hyderabad for removing dust, malware, blocking popups and checking for viruses, cleaning the full laptop. We remove all unwanted files and pop up ads. Sometimes, it makes laptop to operate slowly. Our computer repair specialist will do general service for all laptops, desktops and tablets.

Graphic Issue

If your playing games continuously, suddenly start seeing tearing or weird colors appearing all over the screen, your graphics card might be affected. Most of the users come across various graphics problems on their laptop or desktop because when an attempt to update the device driver has been interrupted or failed. Our team is able to diagnose it and in the majority of cases, successfully fix it.

Faulty Trackpad

Trackpad is the most important for typing process. If your laptop computer touchpad is not working, due to software update and hardware issues. We try to repair your trackpad or else we will replace trackpad within a day. Hope our technical team will help to resolve the issue!

Not Logging On / Password Recovery

If you have forgotten the login password for your laptop, dont'worry. We offer professional password recovery services to recover lost and forgotten passwords of Access, VBA, SQL, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MSN Hotmail. We won't lose any data from your device.